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50 Lunar Chinese New Year Templates Plus Graphics


Let’s kick things off with 20 premium party flyers full of color and wonder. With designs ranging from simple to more complex, you’ll be sure to find just the right flyer to fit your holiday needs.

If a simple look is more your style, this beautiful flyer features a few Chinese-inspired elements against a vibrant red background. The file for this template comes 100% ready to print, with organized layers that you can easily modify.

Simplistic Chinese New Year Flyer

Complete with two separate versions available, this flyer is sizzling with fiery red colors and traditional Chinese elements. Replace the model seen below with your own stock for a more personalized touch.

Sexy Chinese New Year Flyer

Adorned with ancient Asian symbols and incredible architectural elements, this poster will dazzle your partygoers with its beauty and mysticism. This template comes complete with several color options organized into easy-to-edit layers.

Ancient Chinese New Year Flyer

What New Year would be complete without fireworks, champagne, and dragons? This explosive flyer features a dazzling modern design that is easy to modify, with all the design elements included.

Happy Chinese New Year

If you love a bit of shine and dazzle with your designs, consider this gorgeous template jam-packed with beautiful golden coins and treasure. Perfect for the newbie to Photoshop, this flyer needs no model and is ready for printing right away!

Golden Chinese New Year Party Flyer

With the glowing eyes of a beautiful traditional dragon as its centered subject, this gorgeous template design features large, bold text and beautiful orange lanterns. View the video tutorial included with this template to learn how to customize this flyer quickly and easily.

Fierce Chinese New Year Template

For more subdued colors and design, check out this Chinese New Year template below. This design features some elegant sparkly text front and center, with a beautiful red curtain behind it. Change out the party information for your own and send this flyer straight to the printer!

Chinese New Year Flyer Template

In this incredible club flyer, you get fully editable text organized in an A4 file that is easy to use. Complete your club experience with this fantastic flyer and download your own stock to replace the beautiful model below.

Chinese New Year Club Flyer

Bring in the Chinese New Year with this elegant and traditional vibe. With five alternatively colored versions to choose from, you’ll be able to use this design for many more years to come.

Chinese New Year of The Goat Flyer

Need something elegant with an artistic flair? This Chinese-inspired flyer comes complete with a beautiful golden border and a few simple design elements to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With multiple color options to choose from, you’ll find this template a breeze to use.

Elegant Chinese New Year Flyer

For a beautiful design with a subtle hint of tradition and history, check out this incredible party flyer. Complete with unique fonts and gorgeous background elements, this flyer is perfect for your next celebration.

Chinese New Year Celebration Flyer

Dragons are an important part of any Chinese New Year celebration. Showcase your love for the traditional lion dance with this fun party flyer design. With several color styles to choose from, these design elements are 100% scalable and completely print-ready.

Chinese New Year Celebration

For your next celebration or party event, consider this gorgeous flyer design. Change the text easily to fit your celebrations, and swap out the model below for the preferred stock of your choice.

Chinese Year of the Monkey Flyer

You might want to get your sunglasses for this party flyer. Complete with bright red Chinese elements against a sunny yellow background, this flyer is sure to impress as the perfect invite for your celebration.

Chinese New Year Party Flyer

Need a flyer that’s simple in design? Well look no further! This elegant flyer design celebrates the year of the monkey, but feel free to adjust the text to your preferences in the fully editable file.

Simple Chinese New Year Flyer

The beautiful costumes, architecture, and designs of the Chinese culture are truly highlighted in this gorgeous flyer design. Complete with a help file and links to free fonts, this flyer template is incredibly easy to use.

Happy Chinese New Year

Show off your fashion and style with this fun party flyer design. Swap out the model’s photo for your own, and kick off your celebrations with this print-ready template.

Lantern Chinese New Year Flyer

Celebrate the history and tradition of this special time of the year with this incredible premium flyer. Swap out the model’s picture for a stock of your own, and download the free fonts included to utilize this flyer to its fullest.

Chinese Lunar New Year Flyer

In case you were wondering, this year marks the “Year of the Rooster” for the Chinese zodiac. So bring in 2017 with this textured flyer design which accurately portrays 2017’s Lunar New Year. Included you’ll find 100% scalable elements and links to free fonts.

Rooster Chinese New Year Flyer

With a beautiful watercolor back splash of brush textures for the background, these unique party poster features Chinese lanterns, easily editable text, and elements that are 100% scalable.

Watercolor Chinese New Year

In this next collection of Chinese New Year-themed designs, check out these beautiful greeting cards you can use for your personal invitations. Enjoy these incredible designs curated from GraphicRiver.

We start this collection of cards with this elegant and gorgeous folding fan design. This card features a beautiful fan adorned with traditional cherry blossoms, and text that spells out “Happy New Year”. Download this remarkable vector file to complete your New Year celebrations.

Folding Fan Chinese New Year Template

Though 2016 marked the Year of the Monkey, you can easily customize this greeting card design to fit your needs. Simply download the appropriate file after your purchase, and swap out the text for the title of your choice.

Chinese New Year Card

Celebrate the moment when fireworks light up the air and the wonderful festivities of the Chinese New Year begin. This charming greeting card design features beautiful golden text with firework elements in the background. Included with this template are free fonts, a help file, and so much more.

Firecracker Chinese New Year Card

Greet your friends and relatives with this elegant greeting card design. This design features three gorgeous vector lanterns against a simple red background that is perfect for any invitation.

Red Background Chinese Greeting Card

This fun and clever design features a funny ensemble of traditionally dressed characters and beautiful golden lanterns adorned with happy faces. Enjoy this vector illustration and customize this card to fit your needs with the help of Adobe Illustrator.

Fun Chinese New Year Greeting Card

Check out this awesome greeting card featuring an amazing character design that is sure to impress your partygoers. This card can be used as a greeting card or e-card for your company and comes with layered Photoshop files for easy editing.

Happy Chinese New Year Card

Whether you’ve fallen in love with the funny monkey character or love cherry blossoms, this fun greeting card is sure to bring you and your event attendees some delight. Complete with organized layers, this template is easy to customize in Adobe Photoshop.

Cherry Blossom Chinese New Year

2017 celebrates the Year of the Rooster. So kick off your Chinese New Year celebrations with this fun and simple greeting card. Complete with a vibrant and colorful rooster, this template is extremely easy to use!

Rooster Happy New Year Card

The Chinese New Year is a time to honor your ancestors and share in the joys of tradition with your loved ones. Have fun celebrating this festival with this fun greeting card design featuring a rooster cartoon atop a collection of colorful presents.

New Year Congratulations Card

We finish out this selection of greeting cards with this beautiful vector rooster. It’s incredibly detailed for that realistic appeal, so you’ll be sure to impress anyone with this lovely yet simple design.

Rooster Chinese Symbol Greeting Card

Last but not least, this next selection includes gorgeous design elements inspired by this fantastic holiday. From icon sets to character designs and more, bring in the Chinese New Year by featuring these incredible designs.

Dragons are not only an important part of the Chinese New Year festival, but they also represent one of the many animals on the Chinese zodiac. Adorn your celebratory designs with these clean vector dragons: one in the traditional red color, and the second featuring an awesome mix of colors.

Chinese Dragon

In this lovely vector illustration, two kids join together to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Download this file after your purchase, and customize this design to create a darling greeting card or invitation.

Chinese New Year Celebration Characters

You can find many beautiful vector illustrations that celebrate this unique time of the year. In this simple illustration, a group of kids are celebrating the Chinese New Year and enjoying all the festivities. Customize this file yourself, or leave it as is for a beautiful backdrop.

Chinese New Year Celebration

In this collection of Chinese New Year Icons, you’ll find nine vector illustrations that embody this celebration. From lanterns to fruit and so much more, this set will complete your icon needs.

Chinese New Year Icons

Need a simple background for your flyers, invites, and more? This lovely Chinese-themed background comes complete with elegantly designed flowers and a simple banner with Chinese calligraphy. The translation means “Happy New Year”, so it’ll be sure to fit all your celebratory needs.

Chinese New Year Background

If you’re looking for a simple way to say “Happy New Year” without all the fuss, then feast your eyes on this unique vector design. This design features a sublime winter theme with this saying written out in traditional Chinese lettering.

Happy Chinese New Year Vector Design

If you ever have the chance of witnessing a traditional lion dance, you’ll stand there in amazement as two dancers skillfully move around in this incredible costume. The following design showcases this dance perfectly, with one dancer on the bottom as the other flies into the air. Incorporate this illustration into your designs for cards, flyers, and so much more.

Chinese New Year Lion Dance

For that clean, modern look, take a look at these simple vector icon designs. These designs can be used pretty much anywhere, and the file comes complete with fully editable layers that can be customized quickly and easily.

Modern Chinese New Year Icons

The Chinese dragon is one of the most beautifully designed animals, with a history in ancient myths and folklore. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, adorn your designs with this simple vector dragon for your print or web materials.

Dragon - Chinese Symbol

Among the incredibly vibrant festivities of the Chinese New Year you’ll also find amazing costumes and delectable looking foods. This set of kids’ illustrations features three young children celebrating the Lunar New Year with traditional attire and food.

Chinese New Year Kids

If you’re looking for a set of vector illustrations with incredible beauty and detail, then download this set of graphics. Included in this pack are pattern files, high-resolution images, and Asian-inspired design elements you can modify with Adobe Illustrator.

Mandarin Vector Illustrations

In this charming set of character designs, you’ll find people celebrating the festival with their traditional Chinese New Year costumes. Also included are additional elements like lanterns and a simple banner to celebrate all the festivities.

Chinese New Year Character Set

The holiday season is all about family. Show how much you love your family and the tradition of Chinese culture with this darling family illustration. Use it as the centerpiece of your designs for that unique and heartwarming feel.

Family Celebrating Chinese New Year

If you’re an avid collector of icons, you’ll definitely want this set in your collection. This collection features several fun designs inspired by the Lunar New Year festival, including lanterns, dragons, firecrackers, and two happy characters.

Chinese New Year Icons

For a simple design without any text, consider this gorgeous background. This design comes complete with three red lanterns and beautiful golden flowers to complement the yellow background. Download this file and set it as your desktop or choose it as the centerpiece of your next design.

Chinese Lanterns - Yellow Background

When looking for designs inspired by this wonderful tradition, you’ll be amazed at how many incredibly detailed and absolutely gorgeous elements you’ll find. This design features two Chinese lanterns hanging from a branch against a vibrant red background. Download the files and add your own elements to customize this look.

Red Background Chinese Lanterns

One of the best ways to celebrate any holiday is to simply update your Facebook cover! Download this wonderful Chinese New Year design and customize it with your own information for a clever and unique cover design.

Chinese New Year Facebook Cover

Mix and match these characters with any of the elements you’ve found here or incorporate them into your own designs. These fire roosters not only celebrate the Chinese New Year, but they also cover the traditional Christmas holiday as well.

Cartoon Zodiac Fire Roosters

One of the many places where you’ll see these celebrations take place is Shanghai, China. Download this simple vector illustration and insert it into your designs to kick off the New Year with a modern twist.

Shanghai Chinese New Year Skyline

Bring charm and good luck to the New Year with this delightful Chinese-themed character design. It’s fully customizable and 100% made in Adobe Illustrator so you definitely know you’re sure to retain a high-quality design.

Chinese Good Luck Mascot

Sometimes, the simpler the design, the better. You’re sure to be in agreement with this set of simple icon designs. Featuring a style that emphasizes clean lines and few colors, this set covers everything you need for the New Year.

Chinese New Year Line Design Icons
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